1 Dicembre 2016

A new study of intraosseous blood for laboratory analysis

Miller LJ1, Philbeck TE, Montez D, Spadaccini CJ. Abstract CONTEXT: Intraosseous (IO) blood is frequently used to establish a blood chemistry profile in critically ill patients. […]
30 Novembre 2016

Intraosseous Vascular Access through the Anterior Mandible – A Cadaver Model Pilot Study

Abstract Background Several insertion sites have been described for intraosseous puncture in cases of emergencies when a conventional vascular access cannot be established. This pilot study […]
29 Novembre 2016

Cricothyroidotomy training on cadavers – experiences in the education of medical students, anaesthetists, and emergency physicians

Breitmeier D1, Schulz Y, Wilke N, Albrecht K, Haeseler G, Panning B, Tröger HD, Piepenbrock S. Abstract OBJECTIVE: Should the technique of surgical cricothyroidotomy be practiced […]
28 Novembre 2016

Evaluation of Seldinger technique emergency cricothyroidotomy versus standard surgical cricothyroidotomy in 200 cadavers

Schaumann N1, Lorenz V, Schellongowski P, Staudinger T, Locker GJ, Burgmann H, Pikula B, Hofbauer R, Schuster E, Frass M. Abstract BACKGROUND: Percutaneous cricothyroidotomy is a […]