3 Dicembre 2016

Intraosseous infusion devices: a comparison for potential use in special operations.

Calkins MD1, Fitzgerald G, Bentley TB, Burris D. Abstract OBJECTIVE: To determine which intraosseous (IO) devices were easy to learn to use, easy to use once […]
3 Dicembre 2016

Critical Volume for pulmonary acid aspiration: reappraisal in a primate model

D. M. RAIDOO, B.SC., M.B., CH.B., D. A. ROCKE, M.R.C.P.(U.K.), F.F.A.(S.A.), J. G. BROCK-UTNE, M.A., M.B., B.CH.(T.C.D.), F.F.A. (S.A.), M.D.(BERGEN), A. MARSZALEK, M.B., B.S.(POLAND) and H. […]
1 Dicembre 2016

A new study of intraosseous blood for laboratory analysis

Miller LJ1, Philbeck TE, Montez D, Spadaccini CJ. Abstract CONTEXT: Intraosseous (IO) blood is frequently used to establish a blood chemistry profile in critically ill patients. […]
30 Novembre 2016

Intraosseous Vascular Access through the Anterior Mandible – A Cadaver Model Pilot Study

Abstract Background Several insertion sites have been described for intraosseous puncture in cases of emergencies when a conventional vascular access cannot be established. This pilot study […]