3 Aprile 2017

Introduzione e approcio al preparato anatomico e reazioni psicologiche

5 Dicembre 2016

The impact of a cadaver-based airway lab on critical care fellows’ direct laryngoscopy skills.

Wise EM1, Henao JP2, Gomez H3, Snyder J3, Roolf P4, Orebaugh SL5. Abstract This study sought to determine the impact of a cadaver-based airway lab on […]
3 Dicembre 2016

Intraosseous infusion devices: a comparison for potential use in special operations.

Calkins MD1, Fitzgerald G, Bentley TB, Burris D. Abstract OBJECTIVE: To determine which intraosseous (IO) devices were easy to learn to use, easy to use once […]
3 Dicembre 2016

Critical Volume for pulmonary acid aspiration: reappraisal in a primate model

D. M. RAIDOO, B.SC., M.B., CH.B., D. A. ROCKE, M.R.C.P.(U.K.), F.F.A.(S.A.), J. G. BROCK-UTNE, M.A., M.B., B.CH.(T.C.D.), F.F.A. (S.A.), M.D.(BERGEN), A. MARSZALEK, M.B., B.S.(POLAND) and H. […]